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SuperDry Cagoule

SuperDry Cagoule

SuperDry Cagoule

It's well known that magazine writers and editors get a lot of freebies. And it is a great perk of the job.

But, believe it or not, ShortList prides itself on a refusal to be bought. We get sent a lot of stuff and, genuinely, very little makes it into the magazine or onto the site. Only stuff that really stands out and impresses, hits our pages having been sent to us.

Which brings me onto this cagoule. Cards on the table time, it was sent to me as a gift. And if you think that means my integrity has been compromised, fair enough.

However, I've fallen in love with it. The fit is wonderful (and I'm short and fat), it keeps me warm when it needs to (and it's bloody cold out there), will remain cool in the warmer months and, as you'd hope by the label, keeps me dry even when cycling in horrendous rain.

At £45 it's affordable and although I won't be giving it back and insisting they let me pay, I would pay for it if I had to.

It's called the Zip Through Cagoule in Shot Blue. Here's a couple more that they do if it's not up your street...