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First big look at the Super Nintendo World theme park revealed

And you're going to want to be there and use the power-up bands!

First big look at the Super Nintendo World theme park revealed
14 January 2020

We were more than just a bit excited when Nintendo announced it would be building a theme park based on the Mario universe.

Part of Universal Studios in Japan, the park takes inspiration from the adventures of our favourite little plumber.

And a new trailer for the park has given us a bit of an insight into what it might look like (though Charlie XCX probably won't be there when you go, let's be honest).

And details about what the park will actually contain are just as exciting. According to Kurumi Mori, who works for Bloomberg in Tokyo, entrants to the park will receive "power up bands" to wear on their wrists as they explore.

These will work alongside a smartphone app, which tracks what you're doing while you wander around the park. The app also contains a map, which helps you navigate the park.

Much like Mario games themselves you'll also be able to collect "digital coins" and receive achievements – so pretty much like a real life video game. No word yet on what the coins actually do, but presumably there are prizes for finding the most coins.

The park is now being developed in Osaka, but will also be coming to Hollywood, California and Orlando, where Universal Studios also have bases.