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Everything you need to know about Super Mario Run

From what it looks like to its release date, here's all you need for the most anticipated app of the year

Everything you need to know about Super Mario Run
09 September 2016

Forget the iPhone 7 and AirPod headphones - the highlight of Apple's big September event wasn't even an Apple product.

It was Mario. Or rather, it was Shigeru Miyamoto, striding in to the midst of Apple's party and making everyone wish they were all at the launch of a new Nintendo console. 

While we'll have to wait until March 2017 for that, Miyamoto revealed practically the next best thing: Super Mario Run, a Mario game in app form that sees our beloved Italian hero automatically leg it, with you tapping the screen to make him jump to avoid enemies and grab coins. It looks like this.

And these are all the answers to your immediate questions:

  • It's coming 'December 2016' to iPhones and iPads
  • It will be coming to Android phones, but we don't have a timeline for that release
  • It has three game modes: the main 'tap to jump' coin collecting game, a 'challenge' mode that sees you try and beat other players' scores by collecting coins and impressing Toads with daring moves and a creator mode, that allows you to build your own Mushroom Kingdom using the coins and Toads collected by playing the first two game modes
  • It's free - however, the game's official page states that "some" content will be available for free, while "additional" content will be available to purchase. If it's "additional" we'd hope that doesn't mean it's content that is central to the main experience of the game, but then Nintendo will want to make sure this app makes the most of its commercial potential
  • There's no word on how many levels there will be

No, it's not a proper Mario game - but then, Pokémon GO isn't a proper Pokémon game. See this as Nintendo's way of getting Mario into the lives of those gamers who don't own a Nintendo console, and who might consider splashing out on one when they've exhausted the Super Mario Run experience.

We'll be comparing high scores when it arrives this December.