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Super Mario in Grand Theft Auto is weird and awesome

Who would've thought Mario would get into a knife fight in a park?

Super Mario in Grand Theft Auto is weird and awesome
18 January 2017

With the announcement late last week of the Nintendo Switch release date and new Mario game, gaming fans obviously got a bit excited.

But instead of gearing up in a traditional way like playing some retro Snes games, one YouTuber decided to modify the original trailer for Super Mario Odyssey in a very unique and somewhat disturbing way – by colliding it with the laws of Grand Theft Auto.

Mario with long legs? Kill it with fire. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

In other antics that will smash your childhood dreams, you can also witness Mario’s lack of acrobatic skills seeing him knocked over by a taxi and falling off the ledges of buildings. No mushroom is going to bring him back from that.

But it is quite hilarious to see the Italian plumber getting a sleazy lapdance, commandeering a helicopter and getting into bloody bar brawls. Wonder if Luigi bailed him out at the station.

Though, for the sake of all our childhoods, best skip the part where he gets gunned down by a police force.