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Sunspel collab with Cubitts on five extremely nice new sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from potentially blinding UV light never looked so good

Sunspel collab with Cubitts on five extremely nice new sunglasses
09 May 2017

Five sunglasses, three silhouettes, one collab – that’s right, you guessed it (from the words about four inches above this): it’s Sunspel and Cubitts. 

Super high-quality clothing label Sunspel and super high-quality eyewear specialist Cubitts come together in holy matrimony to make this collection of lightweight, stylish frames, impeccably crafted from Italian acetate and assembled in Cubitts’ workshop in King’s Cross. Each pair – in styles ranging from the chunky Cavendish, modern Erewash, and the Mad Men-ian Granville – come with a wicked lil’ Sunspel-branded leather case and an innate sense of style that says “You bet your ass I own a pair of white jeans”. 

You may know Sunspel from their ace sweatshirts and tees, but we first discovered Cubitts in their little store off Carnaby Street: Inside was a veritable trove of ace frames of different weights, shapes, colours, sizes, all created with a model sense of taste typified by their sorta-surly-sorta-nice staff, who were, at the time, a ragtag bunch of French lads in round frames and artfully ruined denim. Despite only founding in 2012 in King’s Cross, the brand, like its staff, exuded easy Parisian cool.

I wanted to be them. If you met them, you would want to be them too.

Now we have the chance.

The Sunspel x Cubitts collection is available both in store and online from Sunspel and Cubitts now

Sunspel x Cubitts Granville
Sunspel x Cubitts Erewash "Slate"
Sunspel x Cubitts Erewash "Dark Turtle"
Sunspel x Cubitts Cavendish "Black"
Sunspel x Cubitts Cavendish "Dark Turtle"