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The Sunday Roast hot dog is the perfect food combo you never knew you needed

Even reading the list of ingredients will leave you drooling

The Sunday Roast hot dog is the perfect food combo you never knew you needed

Every now and again someone comes along and combines food in a way that changes the world forever.

Like Earl of Sandwich John Montagu, who combined meat and bread and revolutionised lunchtime.

Or Elizabeth Raffald, who wrote the first modern recipe of macaroni cheese down in 1770 cookbook The Experienced English Housekeeper and flipped the script on comfort food.

Or even the recently departed pioneer Sam Panopoulos, who showed the world that pineapple does indeed belong on pizza.

Every now and again someone comes along, smashes two foods together and completes a paradigm shift in our eating.

And now, it’s the turn of Jona Ahearne to carve her name into the history books.

Presenting the Sunday Roast Hot Dog.

Yes please

A collaboration between Goose Island Beer Co. and Shoreditch (obviously) restaurant Smokey Tails, restaurant head chef Ahearne has created a combo food made up of a luxury pork hot dog, home-made gravy, mashed potato, red cabbage, swede, kale and crispy onions, all served in a Yorkshire pudding bun. 

The Sunday Roast Hot Dog is available from June 12-17 as part of Goose Island’s “Migration Week”, and you can pick one up from Smokey Tails, along with a pint of Goose Midway for a tenner.

A hot meal and a drink for £10? Decent Sunday, that.