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This is how you get free stuff at Subway

Stay away from the meatballs, lads

This is how you get free stuff at Subway
20 April 2017

If you’re a fan of Subway’s meatball sandwiches – you...probably shouldn’t be, it turns out?

That’s according to some juicy new secrets shared by Reddit user Nope_Nope_Nope, anyway, who claims he works the “graveyard shift at Subway”. 

And the way meatballs are handled is actually quite unappetising. 

“Early mornings, ask if the meatballs are fresh. You’ll be told “yes” no matter what but if they have to check, it’s actually a guaranteed no,” he says. “They’re checking to see if they can pass as fresh. Trust me, meatballs are annoying to prep – we know damn well if they’re fresh or not without needing to check.”

Roast beef isn’t great, either – it “goes bad the quickest” apparently. If the American cheese container is empty, there’s also a chance that “the cheese is soggy”. Kind of makes the slogan “eat fresh” feel a bit redundant, doesn’t it?

But if you’re not put off by questionable food hygiene, the worker also shares some tips on how to cheat your way into getting free food – and who doesn’t like free food?

You can either complain – he suggests looking “really distressed and disgusted” with your food before telling them it’s not right – or you can be super super nice. 

“Start a lot of casual conversation and engage the sandwich artist. Then when he’s ringing you up, look into your wallet and exclaim “Oh shit, I thought I had more cash! I won’t have enough”…ask him if he can “hook it up”,” he suggests. “Again, it’s a gamble, but if you play your cards right, you’ll get a discount of some kind.”

The post has now been deleted, along with all of Nope_Nope_Nope’s comments, so we can only assume he’s incurred the wrath of the Subway gods (upper management) and has been MYSTERIOUSLY GOTTEN RID OF (told to delete the post and maybe given some kind of disciplinary). 

But we know. WE KNOW.