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Stylish Philosophy Poster Series

Stylish Philosophy Poster Series

Stylish Philosophy Poster Series

There are some who walk among us who see more clearly than most. Who manage to take life's trials and tribulations, and distill those lessons learned into a piece of advice which reaches across borders, age and experience, to offer guidance to all.

Dostoyevsky, Neitzsche, Joey Barton, Sarah Palin... the list goes on. Hang on, maybe not those last two.

Sheffield-based designer Alex Szabo-Haslam has decided to use these memorable quotes to create a series of limited-edition A2 posters and A6 note cards. They are beautifully designed, showcasing the nugget of wisdom together with an image of the famous thinker that said it. All posters are printed with two inks (white and a flash of colour) onto high quality Ebony Colorplan by GF Smith, using traditional, hand-pulled, silkscreen printing processes; they'll all be hand-numbered and signed too.

Meanwhile, each card is printed on 300gsm Zen by GF Smith, and is packaged inside a presentation box stamped with silver foil. 

It's being funded via Kickstarter, with prices beginning at £25 for one poster, or a box of cards for £20 (or two for £5).

Meanwhile, you can preview them all below and be inspired for the day ahead.

(Images: Alex Szabo-Haslam)