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Stylish Airport-Proof Travel Accessories

Stylish Airport-Proof Travel Accessories

Stylish Airport-Proof Travel Accessories

Yes, it's a first-world problem, but airports can be stressful places. Constantly checking you have your passport, boarding pass, are in the right terminal - and then you have to navigate security, taking off half your clothes before you can safely pass through the scanner.

But Spanish leather atelier La Portegna have attempted to ease the stresses of your journey, with this stylish set of airport-proof travel accessories. There's comfortable foldable moccasin slippers to fit in your hand luggage - perfect for the plane or lounge - a metal-free belt to avoid security issues, a travel wallet to keep everything safe, a stylish washbag and two sturdy, smart weekend bags so that everything reaches your destination in one piece.

Visit the La Portegna website to kit out your travel wardrobe and fly away with ease.


Foldable Moccasins



Travel Bags

Travel Documentation Wallet