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5 styles hipsters have stolen from Roald Dahl books

The Twits had beards long before Father John Misty

5 styles hipsters have stolen from Roald Dahl books
13 September 2018

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s 102nd birthday, we looked back at his most iconic books to highlight his most stylish characters. What we found is so mind-blowing it bordered on an Area 51 level of disbelief: hipsters have hijacked the looks and have not paid credit whatsoever.

From The Twits’ unkempt facial hair to Fantastic Mr Fox’s neckerchief, it has become evident to that flat white drinking millenials are not as original as they seem, as they have stolen the coolest parts of these characters attires and spliced them into their own scene, thanks in part in Quentin Blake’s legendary illustrations and Dahl’s maverick mind.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the evidence.

George's Marvellous Medicine

Skinny jeans and white hi-tops are one of today’s style staples for the modern hipster, the go-to attire for a gig, acoustic poetry night or gluten free pop-up restaurant opening. So by the look of his outfit we’re not sure George was actually making medicine at all, more like an organic craft beer that eh could flog at the market on a weekend #GeorgesMarvellousIPA.


Fantastic Mr Fox

A polka dot neckerchief is the summer accessory of choice for the hipster who wants to channel Parisian flair, but more often than not they come across as a Dexy’s Midnight Runners outcast.

Another habit that these counterculture cadets have picked up from Dahl’s fox is foraging. We’ve never seen a hipster steal and mutilate a chicken, but they do love making soups out of nettles and berries so they can save money for vinyl records by bands that have only been in existence for about a week or so.

The Twits

"What a lot of hairy-faced men there are around nowadays!" The first line of The Twits reads, which still rings true today more than ever with the rise of face fuzz bordering on a Canadian lumberjack level of hairiness, with manual labour replaced by graphic design and starting your own brand.

Dahl had a unfathomable hatred for beards, so obviously hipsters have picked that up ironically. The spiteful couple also live in a rundown brick hosue without windows, like most partners do in East London. The resemblances are uncanny.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Bright trousers, bow tie and a silly hat - remind you of anyone? If Willy Wonka was around today his chocolate factory would be dairy (and fun) free because he’d obviously be vegan, and each bar would cost upwards of £27 for five squares.

You can also bet that canes are going to be the must-have accessory for AW18, shunning umbrellas to the bargain bin because they’re too mainstream.


No this isn't a member of Mumford & Sons, not everyone that wears a waistcoat plays the mandolin. This is the Big Friendly Giant, whose favourite shop is apparently Topman by looking at his retro waistcoat, cropped trousers and gladiator sandals.

(Images: Pintrest, Rex)