Stunning minimalist prints of Game of Thrones locations


Amidst the dragons, nipples and swordplay of Game of Thrones, there's an HBO production machine at work that doesn't get anywhere near as much praise as it should.

While George R R Martin enjoys the author's privilege of employing a reader's imagination, the telly bunch have to make the locations of the world of Westeros and beyond - whether in the form of CGI wizardry or vast location shoots. 

Artist Robert Dean Smith looks to have drawn inspiration from this latter source for his illustration series. Beautifully minimal, the gold line prints pay tribute to four of the story's most familiar locations as imagined by HBO: Winterfell, King's Landing, Castle Black and Braavos.

Available for £15 each, you can pick them up here. Have you visited them? Obviously not. But they're much nicer than those holiday photos you've been covering your hall with for the past few years, aren't they?


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