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Hero student makes incredible paper basket shot, gets entire class 100% in exam

A Grade-A Hail Mary

Hero student makes incredible paper basket shot, gets entire class 100% in exam
06 September 2016

It's the stuff of daydreams. Performing a feat so extraordinary that everyone respects you. A feat which demonstrates athletic ability, skill and composure all in one. A feat which not only makes you seem in possession of Godlike abilities, but which also improves the lives of everyone around you. A feat which forces even your enemies to swallow their pride, rise to their feet and clap. Ohio State University student Vinny Forte has performed just that feat.

Having been tasked with hurling a paper ball into a bin from across a lecture hall to demonstrate "donating a proton" by his lecturer - with the added incentive of the entire class being award 100 percent on their first chemistry quiz if he succeeded (an annual tradition, apparently) - Vinny nonchalantly tosses the ball straight into the bin. Swish. The lecture hall erupts. Vinny Forte will live forever.  

A few points for further discussion: 'Vinny Forte' is such a cool name that it should actually be illegal to be anything other than an utter dweeb if you're lucky enough to have it. You certainly shouldn't be allowed to be the most popular person in the room at any given time.

It's somewhat alarming that a key part of a university-level lecturer's teaching is based on chucking stuff in bins. I could do that. I could teach university-level chemistry. "Okay class, lesson one. These empty bags of crisps I had for lunch are sunshine, can someone throw them in that bin - which is a flower by the way - for me to demonstrate photosynthesis?" See. Easy. Give me a call, Ohio State University.

Last, Vinny Forte will one day realise that, in getting the whole class 100 percent, he has raised the average and inadvertently made it more difficult for himself to attain a good final grade. What an idiot.