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Barista quits Starbucks and reveals all the most messed-up orders he saw

Who are these people?

Barista quits Starbucks and reveals all the most messed-up orders he saw
26 October 2017

We’ve all made some bizarre drinks choices at some point in our lives, but one Starbucks worker has shared examples so extreme they seem almost impossible,

You’ve heard about the sriracha coffee trend, and you may have even noticed the introduction of coffee ice cubes, but the beauty of customisable drinks is the ability to make something even the creator of this 21,000-calorie sandwich might look at and think ‘that’s a bit much, mate’.

Terence Wiggins, who has worked as a Starbucks barista, has shared a selection of some of the most bizarre drinks he has been asked to make while working for the chain.

And yes, some of them are so over-the-top you wouldn’t even think to order them.

It’s clear some folks just need that extra caffeine boost, and we’d be lying if we said we’d never ordered a triple or even on occasion a quadruple shot coffee. But 14 (FOURTEEN!) shots?

Some of the customers seemed keen to go healthy in some respects, but go the opposite way in others, like the person who opted for non-fat milk and no sugar in their coffee, but asked for nine servings of the sweetener Splenda.

However, the most extreme suggestions tended to cater to customers’ sweet tooth.

One asked for 16 pumps of caramel syrup in their caramel frappuccino. No, that’s not a typo.

Oh, and that person we mentioned earlier who went for a 14-shot drink? That wasn’t the worst of it - they also asked for 20 pumps of pumpkin sauce in their coffee (if we can even call that a coffee) and extra pumpkin topping.

Surely no one can love Halloween that much?

Still, at least they asked their barista to hold the whipped cream.

(Images: Madison Bilsborough/Pexels)