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Here's what the Stranger Things 8-bit video game could look like

We would press 'Start' on all of these

Here's what the Stranger Things 8-bit video game could look like
16 August 2016

Stranger Things is our new obsession. Seriously. Just search for it on our site and you'll see our adoration for Netflix's Eighties sci-fi drama writ large all over the results. Not seen it? Then stop reading this. 

For those who've ploughed through its eight perfectly formed episodes - good job. You may be interested to hear that its creators are interested in bridging the series and its upcoming sequel with a video game.

Speaking to IGN, Ross Duffer said: "What I really want is a video game. Like an 8-bit… These fans, a lot of them have done this 8-bit video game art that’s blowing my mind." 

To which you'll probably say: "Which fans? Where? Give us this 8-bit video game art. Blow our minds!" 

Have a scroll through the below and let that blown mind ponder on what might get created, should the Duffer Bros. get their way. 

We can't get enough of this stuff

By Lu Nascimento

This isn't silly - it's fantastic

This even has gameplay ideas

Great work by JacobJanerka

Blocky brilliance

By Toon Doom

Just gorgeous

By Matheus Bitencourt

Just make it already

And commission Matheus Bitencourt

There's already a t-shirt

Stocked over at RIPT Apparel