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Stop everything: Greggs now has a drive through service

Salford based Greggs fans will be able to roll to their breakfast rolls now

Stop everything: Greggs now has a drive through service

The world of sausage rolls will never be the same again...

Greggs are trialing a new drive-through service in their Salford outlet, and if proven successful, the service could be rolled out nationwide.

As reported in the Manchester Evening News, the pastry chain started the new service in Greater Manchester in response to social media demand. 

The drive through service is the latest in a series of experiments from Greggs. Last year, the fast food favourite trialed a delivery service in Manchester and Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside.

Roger Whiteside, Chief Executive for Greggs, said of the new trials: “When it comes to food on-the-go, our customers tell us that convenience is key.

"We’ve been working hard to take Greggs to where our customers need and want us to be, including office parks, industrial estates, retail parks and travel hubs.”

At the moment, there are no immediate plans to open more drive-through stores. But don’t count Greggs out: if its recent trials are any indication, they’re truly pushing the sausage roll envelope. And that is exactly the type of envelope you should be pushing.

(Image: Greggs)