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This 'Star Wars' Lego pod racing game looks like the most fun ever


This 'Star Wars' Lego pod racing game looks like the most fun ever
23 February 2018

Looking back, was The Phantom Menace really that bad?

Arguments for the prosecution: Jar Jar Binks; a lot of Galactic legalese and Senate discussion; too much bloody CGI.

Arguments for the defence: Darth Maul; Liam Neeson, at-least-it-wasn’t-as-bad-as-Attack-of-the-Clones; the awesome pod race scene.

And, let’s face it, it was just exciting to see those iconic characters back on screen; even if the eventual prequel trilogy wasn’t really a patch on the originals, it was still harmless fun. So the defence carries - just.

And one of those aforementioned definitely-good bits of The Phantom Menace, the fantastic pod race sequence has now been immortalised with an absolutely awesome Lego game.

It’s been created by Alexis Dos Santos and powered by Lego Mindstorms, their robotics platform, and features a functional Lego joystick steering Anakin’s pod racer across the sands of Tatooine, dodging obstacles which race towards you on differently-paced conveyor belts.

You can complain about The Phantom Menace all you want, but the pod race scene remains one of the best visual spectacles in all the Star Wars movies. It spawned some wonderful toys too, but nothing that comes close to this game.

Basically, it looks phenomenal - check out the video of it in action below.

Lego: we’re pleading with you now, can you make this an actual thing we can buy?

(Image: AllStar)