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Squid Game: The Challenge trailer reveals a key character returns

Netflix fans of the original Squid Game are in for a treat...

Squid Game: The Challenge trailer reveals a key character returns
Marc Chacksfield
24 October 2023

Squid Game: The Challenge has a brand-new trailer and the show looks like everything you would want in a real-life Squid Game.

The game show is a spin-off of the original Squid Game, which is a dystopian drama based in South Korea, where contestants compete in a series of challenges to win a big pot of money. The twist: if they lose a game, then they are actually killed.

While no killing goes on in this version of Squid Game - for obvious reasons - contestants are fake shot, if they fail their tasks.

The pot of money is still there, this time there's a whopping $4.56M, which mirrors the 456 contestants that initially take part.

Fans of the show will be familiar with a lot of the trailer. The emotionless voiceover is there, as is the cell block that they have to stay in.

The colorful, childlike interiors are also there and a key character returns: the massive, scary robotic doll which is used for the famous Red Light, Green Light game.

Other than the actual killing, it doesn't look like Netflix has softened the edges of this Squid Game, with the fear of the games very much still there.

As Netflix says about the show: "Make friends. Make enemies. Make millions. Squid Game: The Challenge, the competition series based on our biggest show ever, premieres November 22."