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Spotify is launching a new Hi-Fi music tier

Music to our ears

Spotify is launching a new Hi-Fi music tier

Get ready for your music to get Hi-Fi: Spotify is reportedly preparing to launch a high quality, lossless audio version of its streaming service.

It is currently called Spotify Hi-Fi, with the company running a price test on a small group of users on Tuesday, offering the new service for between $5 and $10, in addition to the standard $10 Spotify Premium price. Some who tried to sign up were seemingly told that it wasn’t available in their area, or they received an error message.

The move is a direct threat to the much-maligned Tidal, for whom high quality audio – in addition to its occasional exclusives – is its main selling point. It will also give them a first-mover advantage over Apple Music.

The move will be, ahem, music to the ears of audio snobs, who will be able to make use of the high data transfer speed available via the lightning port on the iPhone and the many USB-C ports on Android devices.

Plus, of course, people listening at home on stereos connected via cable to the source of Spotify (or with Spotify built-in). However, if you use bluetooth, any improvement in source audio quality could well be lost.

Spotify have yet to officially confirm the move but, if successful, it could help push their revenues up, and even make them profitable for the first time. On the other hand, it could prove to be a feature for a niche of hardcore audiophiles only – either way, it will be a lovely option to have available for all music fans.

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