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Spider-Man is back

What we know about the new movie

Spider-Man is back

Okay so he hasn't been away for that long but ever since the disappointing third instalment, fans have been eager for a Spidey comeback.

With the original Spider-Man team off the project, it's up to a set of newbies to reboot the franchise that's made almost $3bn at the box office. We've just seen our tantalising first glance of the new Peter Parker, played by Brit Andrew Garfield, so we thought it high-time to look over what we do know so far about the new offering.

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Andrew Garfield

The BAFTA-winning star of The Social Network beat out competition from Jamie Bell and Aaron Johnson for the role of Peter Parker. Despite being 27, Garfield will be playing a high schooler in an alternative prequel to the story we all know.

The new costume has already been whipping up a frenzy on the blogosphere with some claiming to spot web-shooters on the insides of his wrists. This might suggest that the new film is going back to the comics where Parker created the web fluid cannisters, rather than possessed them organically as in the previous trilogy.

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Emma Stone

The typically red-headed star of Superbad has gone to her original blonde roots to take on the role of Gwen Stacy, Parker's love interest. The character was played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3 and her inclusion in the high school-based reboot suggests that the plot will differ massively from the previous trilogy.

No Mary-Jane for one. Plus Stacy is murdered in the comic book yet Stone has already claimed she has signed on for a number of Spider-Man movies.

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Marc Webb

The director of indie rom-com (500) Days of Summer has also been the man behind music videos from Green Day, P Diddy and, erm, Miley Cyrus. He's already spoken about the Spider-Man mythology being vast and something he wants to explore to greater lengths than Raimi's trilogy.

He'll be directing the next three and although his action movie experience is non-existent, so was Christopher Nolan's prior to Batman Begins.

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It's no major surprise that the film will be released in 3D but what's reassuring is that director Marc Webb has apparently been meeting with James Cameron, who will be offering his support. This suggests that we can expect the 3D to be more Avatar and less Clash of the Titans.

We can almost see the webs flying into our laps already...

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Rhys Ifans

The Welsh actor will be heading to the dark side to play The Lizard in the reboot. He'll start out as Dr. Curt Connors, a scientist who tests lizard serum on himself with predictably chaotic results. The doctor (pre-transformation) has already featured in the previous films, played by Dylan Baker, but he'll serve as the main bad guy this time round.

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Stan Lee

Spider-Man's creator has already teased about his cameo in the forthcoming prequel, a trademark for Marvel films. He claims it will be his best so far and will finally see him in an action scene.

Since Lee recently turned 88, let's hope they're gentle with him.

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Uncle Ben

Even the casual Spider-Man fan will know what an important part Uncle Ben plays in the overall story. Raising orphan Peter with his wife May, Ben is later murdered and Peter blames himself. Martin Sheen will be taking on the role yet since Peter's parents are also in the cast, it suggests a different mythology.

Sally Field has also been confirmed to take on the role of May.

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The Original Spider-Man

Anyone expecting any bad blood between the two Spider-Men will have to get creative. Andrew Garfield told the BBC that he hasn't met Tobey Maguire, yet he received a "lovely message" through a mutual friend where Maguire told him he gave him his full support.

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The Red Epic Camera

This one's for the geeks. For the first time EVER the new Spider-Man film will be shot with the state-of-the-art Red Epic camera. It's been called a game-changer and will give the film "rich, beautiful color". It's apparently extremely compact and perfect for 3D.

It's also being employed by Peter Jackson for The Hobbit so we can expect great things.

Release Date

Even though the world is apparently going to end next December (thanks Mayans), we'll at least be able to watch the new Spidey film first. It's set to be released on July 3rd, making it part of one of the most exciting blockbuster seasons ever. It will be up against The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman and Star Trek 2.

Might be too busy to go to the Olympics after all.

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