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You can go speed dating with dogs this Valentine's Day

No need to bark up the wrong tree with this date

You can go speed dating with dogs this Valentine's Day
13 February 2019

Valentine’s Day can be pretty nice, if you’re loved up – a good excuse to show someone you care about them, have a slap up meal and quite probably drink some wine and eat some chocolate. What’s not to like?

If you’re on your own, however, it can be a little bit miserable. Sure, you might not subscribe to the Valentine’s Day hype; sure, you might reject the consumerist nature of the holiday; sure, you might think it’s overly saccharine bollocks. But it would be nice to have something to do on February 14th, wouldn’t it?

Well, good news. You now have something way better to do than “spending time with someone who loves you” – spending time with dogs.

Dogs from Battersea Dogs Home will be at Heal’s flagship store at Tottenham Court Road between 12.30 and 2pm and 5pm to 6pm tomorrow. 

You and your new best mate

“At Battersea, we truly believe that there’s a perfect match for everyone,” said Steve Craddock, Battersea’s manager. 

“We can’t wait to give our dogs the opportunity to enjoy some time out of their kennels and potentially meet that special someone.”

And Ruth Cotterell, Heal’s Head of Marketing, said that the company was “delighted to help get their tails wagging again for Valentine’s Day”. 

“We hope the event encourages people to consider bringing a rescue animal in to their hearts and homes. At Heal’s, we believe a furry companion can really help to make a house a home, and hope we’ll be able to help the pet residents of Battersea, who have so far been unlucky in love, find a friend for life.”

Want to spend some time with some furry balls of love? Book a space here.

(Images: Unsplash)