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Sorry London, another tube strike is happening

Sorry London, another tube strike is happening

Sorry London, another tube strike is happening


Little over 24hrs since London mayor Sadik Khan revealed a start date for the forthcoming 24hr tube, maintenance and engineering staff have voted to strike over conditions related to the service.

RMT union claim the walkout, which leaves Londoners facing the grim prospect of another bout of delays following last year's on-off drama, has been called because TfL refuse to discuss outstanding pension issues until after the launch of the weekend night service, scheduled to arrive on Friday 19 August. 

Speaking of the decision, the union's general secretary (and aptly named) Mick Cash said: "RMT members have now shown their anger at the way that Tube Lines have attempted to tie in attacks on pensions with the offer on pay and Night Tube.

"There are also major unresolved issues over the Tube Lines staffing arrangements for the Night Tube and over Performance Related Pay.

"The ballot result will be considered by RMT’s executive and now that the members have shown their anger it is absolutely essential that there is the earliest possible resumption of serious and meaningful talks on these issues and the union is ready to engage in those talks.”

According to The Evening Standard, one TfL spokesman confirmed the strike would not affect the Central or Victoria Lines. Though they aren’t being drawn on dates for the strike, suggesting there might well be some waggle room for talks before Londoners have to suffer more crippling transport misery in the capital.

In the meantime, better make sure those bike tyres are pumped up.