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Someone's discovered a £1 million item on 'Antiques Roadshow'

The world's dullest show just got interesting...

Someone's discovered a £1 million item on 'Antiques Roadshow'

You know the format of Antiques Roadshow, even if the only time you’ve ever seen it was when your parents had it on on Sunday nights when you were a kid and wouldn’t let you change the channel.

The BBC tours the country in a car with a big, grandfather clock sticking out the boot, parks in the ground of some outrageously massive, beatiful manor house somewhere, and a bunch of old people turn up with their tat in the hope it’s worth millions of pounds.

Almost inevitably, they then find out it’s worth closer to a tenner, look a bit disappointed, and then pretend they never really wanted to sell it anyway – “it just has too much sentimental value” – rinse and repeat.

The only reason anyone watches it, let’s be honest, is in the hope that someone stumbles across a hidden gem – something that is genuinely worth a fortune. Then it starts to get interesting.

With that in mind, viewers will be in for a special treat when an upcoming episode reveals a discovery worth £1 million. One actual million.

Filming in The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, builder Dan Bansal presented the roadshow team with a rare faberge flower that is apparently worth BANK.

Antique expert Geoffrey Munn was said to be “stunned” by he quality of the ornament, choosing to keep the history of the object secret until the Autumn screening of the episode.

Mr Bansal told the Express & Star: "The expert said it's probably the second time he's ever done that type of valuation.

"I think he was reluctant to say £1 million and nervous to say it was worth that much."

A BBC spokesperson said the Fabergé piece was 'a really important find', but they're keeping the history and exact value of the item to themselves.

Antiques Roadshow executive Simon Shaw called it one of the most valuable in the history of the show: "We've had one of the most significant jewellery finds in 40 years of Antiques Roadshow history-- but we don't want to spoil the surprise."

Right then, this weekend, we’re going into the attic and looking for some classic stuff. How much can you get for an old GameBoy Color? Batteries not included.

(Featured Image Credit: BBC/Antiques Roadshow)