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Someone's built the most terrifying slide in the world

Oh, and it's made of glass

Someone's built the most terrifying slide in the world
27 June 2016

Remember when slides were fun? When that slippery slope of gravity and friction filled your young soul with equal measures of glee and dread?

Well prepare to  have that childish wonder renewed in force: some engineering nutter has just opened the daddy of all slide thrill trips in LA. 

On top of the US Bank Tower. Some 305 metres (1,000ft) above the ground.

Oh, and it's made of glass.

Opened for the tower's Skyspace viewing deck, the slide whisks its suicidal passengers down 13 metres of bullet proof glass, from the 69th to 70th floor, for $25 (£18) - which must be one of the most costly ways to spend around three seconds of your life in utter terror. 

Check out a reporter from the Associate Press having her slip with death on the newly opened attraction. Then promptly book your tickets and find your slippiest set of trousers.