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Someone made a road-legal Batmobile powered by a Lamborghini

You're going to need a bigger garage

Someone made a road-legal Batmobile powered by a Lamborghini

Forget film props and Vauxhall Corsa's with dodgy body kits - this is a real-life Batmobile, fit for any crime fighter with serious parental bereavement issues. 

The work of prototype motoring company Caresto, this is the TGX: a road-legal sports concept built for Team Galag that participated in this year's Gumball 3000. Based on the Batmobile from the Arkham video game series, it doesn't feature a functioning gatling gun, but it does look the part. 

Feast your eyes on this incredible creation...

Powered by Lamborghini

It doesn't just look the part: built around a Lamborghini V10 engine with 560 hp, it makes one hell of a racket. 

The Dark Knight

The carbon fibre body was built using CAD designs, and a lot of black paint. Like, loads. 


Sure, the front-hinged door might not make it the easiest car to climb into, but at least it's got a boot, right?

It's a normal car though

During the Gumball 3000, there was an awkward moment for Team Galag when one of the drivers managed to lose the TGX's keys. This resulted in the car having to be transported on a flatbed truck for part of its journey before someone managed to find them again. 

En route to the UK

Having finished the rally, the car is currently driving to London to terrorise cyclists/befuddle police.