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Someone finally gave Donald Trump his wall

Someone finally gave Donald Trump his wall

Someone finally gave Donald Trump his wall

If there is one thing Donald Trump wants, apart from a new hair stylist and a better tanning salon, it's a wall. Much of his campaign has been focussed on erecting a wall between the US and Mexico, in order to keep out illegal immigrants. 

And now - four months before the actual election of a new US president - Donald Trump has got his wish. 


The miniature wall appeared around Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Tuesday, the same day he was officially nominated as the Republican Party's presidential candidate. 

It was created by Los Angeles street artist Plastic Jesus, who posted a photo of the wall (and its amazing barbed wire and 'Keep Out' signs) on Instagram. 

"Hollywood sight-seers on the famous walk of fame were confronted with an unusual edition to Trump's Famous Star. Someone had built a 6″ tall grey concrete wall around it. Complete with 'Keep out' signs and topped with razor wire. The unofficial addition to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers," he captioned the photo. 

Which is great. Trump is going to quit now, right? Everything in the world is going to go back to normal. Right guys? Right?