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Some genius discovered a way to get unlimited free pies from Tesco

Stuff your face for nothing

Some genius discovered a way to get unlimited free pies from Tesco

Before we really get into this, is there anything in life better than free stuff? Absolutely not, you’re thinking. Well, actually, you’re wrong. There’s something that’s 100% better than free stuff every god damn time and that is: free pie.

Pie: delicious; crusty; gravy-filled; meaty; delicious goodness in a pastry cup. Pie. Pie in your belly right now. Crumbs stuck to your chin. Happiness digesting in your stomach. You want it, don’t you? You want it right now.

You’ll be blessed to know then that there is a way to get unlimited free pies (sort of/mostly free) from Tesco until the April 30, discovered by freebie genius Jordon ‘Coupon Kid’ Cox over on his MoneySavingExpert blog.

Here’s how:

Step four: Go back to the pie shelf and get another pie

Obviously this is where you now use your coupon to get your second pie for free.

Step five: Repeat until you’re really full

The coupons are valid until April 30, so in theory that’s a hell of a lot of pies you could be chowing down on right this very second. 


If you manage to cram your pie-hole with 10 delicious pies you’ll automatically be able to get another free pie. Including your other free pie coupon that’s two free pies. Two. All for you.

Just check out the side of the packaging where it says:

“Eat 10 Higgidy pies or quiches over 4 months, cut out the ‘use by’ squares and return them to us (with your address), & we’ll send you a voucher for another pie or quiche to say thanks for everything.”

Go wild and pie-eyed folks.

[Via: MoneySavingExpert]