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Solution2 by MiN

Wonder product comes to the UK

Solution2 by MiN
Danielle de Wolfe
02 November 2011

No trip to New York comes without a sizeable shopping list. Indeed, every trip for the past few years has involved an overzealous spree at MiN, a quirky apothecary on Crosby Street crammed with niche brands, curios and grooming-related bric-a-brac. One regular re-purchase comes in the form of their potent, aspirin-based ingrown hair treatment, Solution 2.

The introduction of this hero product to the UK (albeit via an eStore) has not only saved us a small fortune in excess baggage fees, but it’s had a dramatic impact on our shaving routine too.

The idiot-proof rollerball applicator dispenses a blend of acetylsalicylic acid (science speak for liquid aspirin) and organic peppermint to tighten pores so that newly-shaved hairs don’t loop back under the skin, causing inflammation and pseudofolliculitis barbae (or ‘shaving bumps’, to you and I). The formula also packs in topical astringents to zap bacteria before it has a chance to re-enter the skin and cause any unsightly infection. Needless to say, this is heavy-duty stuff and should be avoided if you’ve got an allergy to aspirin.

£16 for 50ml from; see for more details

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