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Snapchat is now a bigger deal than Twitter - deal with it

Forget hashtags. They're so 2011.

Snapchat is now a bigger deal than Twitter - deal with it
03 June 2016

Forget hashtags. They're so 2011.

Ever since then, Twitter's growth figures have fallen year-on-year - something that's seen the social media group struggle to come up with a convincing money-making strategy.

To kick yet more dirt in the face of the blue bird, Snapchat has just overtaken Twitter for daily active users.

Sources familiar with Snapchat's inner workings have told Bloomberg that the app now serves 150 million people every day. Twitter? Somewhere in the region of 136 million.

"So what?" 

Well, in addition to building more users on a monthly basis, and having more active users on a daily basis, Snapchat is likely to attract a lot more advertising and brand support than Twitter in the long run.

Which means more money, which means more influence, which means the slow and gradual death of Twitter as the millennial generation break the bonds of 140 characters in favour of video, filters and fleeting memories. 

Want to be big online? Stop concentrating on your Tweets and start perfecting the art of the dog-tongue filter. 

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