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Sky Kids launches a ton of new shows to help with homeschooling

For when your lesson plan runs out halfway through the week.

Sky Kids launches a ton of new shows to help with homeschooling
27 March 2020

Any new children’s shows are a godsend right now for parents who are looking for anything to keep their children entertained during lockdown.

Sky Kids is the latest streaming service to add extra education children’s shows to make life a little easier.

There are three ‘Learning From Home’ collections in total - each aimed at a different age group.

Available now, the collections are Foundation: Early Years (for under 5s), Key Stage 1 (5-7 year-olds) and Key Stage 2 (8-11 year-olds).

For the under 5s, you’ll find shows such as ocean-based animation The Octonauts and Numberblocks (which as you can imagine focuses on numeracy).

And while the Key Stage 1 group will be able to learn dance routines thanks to Kidz Bop, the 8-11 year-olds will get the joy of shows such as Horrible Histories.

Sky is following in the footsteps of Amazon Prime, which made all its kids programming free earlier this week, and the shows can be accessed whether you have a prime account or not.

However, unlike with Amazon, you do still need to pay for Sky Kids TV to access the new educational shows, which costs £5 per month for those who already have Sky TV.