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6 pairs of cheap sunglasses because you lost your expensive ones

Nobody will know the difference

6 pairs of cheap sunglasses because you lost your expensive ones
11 April 2017

I am fully against buying expensive sunglasses. It’s one of the only sensible things I do – I buy cheap shades because I know I’m going to lose and/or break them a month into owning them. I couldn’t handle the devastation of sitting on a pair of £200 Persols in Wetherspoon’s – it would destroy my year. Plop my arse down on 20 quid’s worth of sunny though, and it’s only really a day ruiner – I can get over it.

Also, you can get some pretty snazzy shades for a discount price, without having to shell out anyway, so what’s the point? Here are just six pairs that you can don for a fraction of the price of Mr. Ray Ban et al. You could even smash them on purpose when summer ends – who cares?

1. Jeepers Peepers Black and Tortoiseshell Round Frames

Pretty simple shape, these ones – keep it classy, keep it tortoiseshell. Nice little sunset-tinted lens to make everything look all warm and summer-fuzzy, too. Jeepers Peepers do a nice range in cheapo, but still altogether peng, shades – check them out.


2. The Idle Man Clubmaster Brown

A classic old-school clubmaster shape with these smart sunglasses from The Idle Man. They’ll pretty much go with anything, too – suits, sportswear, pyjamas, jockstrap – a good all-rounder. Cheaper than a large Domino’s pizza, too.


3. Meller Kribi Amber Carbon

Meller is a slick brand that deals exclusively in sunglasses and watches, all for a nicely arousing price. These round amber frames are particularly in at the mo, and although they may seem risky, they’ll fit on pretty much any face. Even if you disagree when they arrive, they were only 20 squidders – you’ve wasted way more than that on a Saturday night, haven’t you? Give them to your dog or something – he’ll get all the bitches in a pair of these.


4. Topman Hindsight Vintage Gold Aviator

Another style that will never go out of fashion. If you fancy looking like a gussied ‘80s cop, then bag these slim frames, with a little stylish flair on the wings, from Topman. Again, they’ll match with pretty much everything, including a white blazer, sleeves rolled up, bare chest underneath, no socks, loafers, fighting crime.


5. Asos Pimkie Tortoise Sunglasses

Look, these are actually women’s shades, but you don’t conform to gender stereotypes, do ya? Don’t be afraid to pop on a pair of these – they’re on trend, with a circular frame, and the muted pattern will go with whatever you’re wearing. They’re noice, and just hark at that price tag...


6. River Island Black Rubber Retro

Or if you fancy keeping it as simple and stripped back as possible – a reliable pair of wayfarers will do the job. Cheap, black and decidedly un-lairy, these River Island numbers will compliment a good chunk of your wardrobe. Also, they come with a snazzy rubber finish, for just a bit of extra finesse.