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Singer refuses to pay $1m reward for laptop

Finder to sue

Singer refuses to pay $1m reward for laptop
25 October 2011

Now, we understand the motivation. If we lost our laptop, we'd be tearful, angry and willing to do whatever it took to get it back.

Sure, we may even offer up some money as a reward. Our grief-stricken mind may even cause us to suggest an amount that we probably can't easily afford....

R&B singer/producer Ryan Leslie had his MacBook stolen while on tour in Germany and he originally offered up a $20,000 reward. The laptop in question had material for an upcoming album, hence the stress. After falling deeper into a pit of sadness, Leslie decided to up the reward to $1 million.

He also created an absurdly OTT video about his search, which you can see at the bottom of the article.

Much to his surprise, 52-year-old German guy Armin Augstein found the laptop while walking his dog in the park. However, he's having great difficulty getting the money from Leslie and is now suing him for the full $1 million, plus interest.

What do you think? Should he pay or not? Is it a transaction or a favour?

(Image: YouTube)