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A shop is selling a "holocaust wound" mask and people are rightly pissed off

Not OK, really, ever

A shop is selling a "holocaust wound" mask and people are rightly pissed off

Nothing wrong with a gory horror mask to pop on at Halloween – a scary zombie, a vampire, a werewolf, Frankenstein’s monster, Boris Johnson...

But there are a couple of things that you most certainly cannot dress up as, at Halloween. I’m not going to list them here, because really, you should already know what is acceptable and what isn’t.

But in case you were a tad unsure, then I’ll show you just one example. It’s of a mask that recently went up for sale on Amazon UK, a mask that is wholly inappropriate in the extreme. A mask that was noticed, and thankfully flagged, by the Auschwitz Memorial Twitter account:

Yeah, not on, really.

Now, it’s not necessarily the mask that’s the problem, it’s the name of it, obviously. Since that tweet, thankfully Amazon have taken note and removed the item, which was actually being sold by a costume company called “Horror Shop”. That particular store has also changed the name of the mask to “FIRE VICTIM WOUND”, which is a bit better, I guess. God, who knows.

Anyway, what we can learn from this is that next time you make a gross horror mask on your gory website, don’t name it after one of the biggest atrocities in the history of the world.

(Images: @AuschwitzMuseum)