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Giant angry shark jumps onto boat, and sorry, but there's a video

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Giant angry shark jumps onto boat, and sorry, but there's a video

Less than two months after this lad decided that he’d had enough of the watery life and fancied a crack at travelling by comfortable boat instead, another shark has made a leap for the dry, ending up underneath a boat’s bow rails.

There’s clearly something in the water. And it’s not sharks.

Just check out this footage, which was taken just off the coast of Long Island on 6 July:

The mako shark, estimated to be 18 feet long and weighing 180 pounds, can be seen twisting and flailing as it attempts to free itself, with blood pouring from its mouth – some claiming that this was as a result of the shark biting the bars which trapped it.

“He jumped on the boat! Oh my god,” one person can be heard shouting. “We’re going to be famous,” someone else on the boat says.

According to the crew, led by Captain Don Law of Outlaw Fishing Charters, they managed to free the beast by tying a rope around its fin, with another man keeping its head straight by hooking it with a fishing line, before they lowered the shark back into the waters. 

However, some viewers have speculated that the crew were, in fact, indulging in shark fishing – it seems a rather strange move to hook a shark’s mouth with a fishing line in order to free it – while others have pointed out that the bleeding most likely came from an initial hooking. One of the onlookers can be heard saying, “I’d just let him die right there.”

Whatever the story, it’s quite a sight to behold. Let’s just strike a deal that we all stay on the land, and the sharks get the water. That seems fair. All agreed? Good.