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Seth Rogen's new TV show is the most Seth Rogen thing ever

We're into it

Seth Rogen's new TV show is the most Seth Rogen thing ever

What’s the most Seth Rogen thing you can think of? No, more Seth Rogen than that.

You’re almost there, just add a teensy bit more Seth Rogen into the mix.

There we go. It’s about a time-travelling gamer and a cure for herpes.

No, really.

It’s called Future Man – sure, that might not sound too imaginative, but we can only assume the production team spent its entire budget on time travel.

They probably also spent the entire last year cheerleading Rogen’s partner-in-crime James Franco as he gets ready for the release of The Disaster Artist. In fact, as a producer himself, Rogen almost certainly did.

However, the Canadian’s other regular collaborator, Evan Goldberg – who worked with his childhood friend on Superbad, This is the End and more – is involved in the new project.

The show follows Josh (played by Josh Hutcherson), a janitor whose skill at a video game sees him recruited by time travellers and given the task of preventing the complete and utter annihilation of mankind.

No biggie, right?

The show sees him go back and forth through time – spending a lot of time in the ‘80s, by the looks of things, unless that’s just an excuse for the trailer to be dominated by Back to the Future references and a bunch of Kenny Loggins music. Which is absolutely fine, by the way.

The first season of Future Man will run for 13 episodes on streaming service Hulu, beginning on November 14.

There is no word yet on whether the show will come to any UK platform, however.

(Images: Hulu)