Seth MacFarlane plays wheel of impressions


If there was one man you’d expect to do a good impression, it’s Seth MacFarlane. Particularly if you asked him to impersonate Brian, Stewie and Peter from Family Guy. We hear he’s quite good at those.

But he faced a much tougher vocal challenge on the Tonight Show yesterday, as host Jimmy Fallon invited him to play Wheel of Impressions, that silly but marvellously watchable game which sees guests faced with a random name and an even more random situation. 

Despite the applause, we we weren't entirely convinced by his first try. His 'Liam Neeson talking about cable TV' sounded more like the peg-legged sailor in Family Guy. Lucky for him his 'Bobcat Goldthwait ordering Starbucks’ really was spot on.

And was there any doubt over his 'Ray Romano going to the cinema’? We bet he's had that up his sleeve for years.

Though he’s still no Kevin Spacey


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