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Self-cleaning pool? Sold.

South African house boasts eco-friendly style

Self-cleaning pool? Sold.

While we’re not trying to deny having a house with a pool is a great thing, it’s not all parties, ball games and relaxing on a lilo with a cocktail. There are leaves to skim, dead insects to retrieve and the balancing act of trying to keep the chlorine content at the correct level so you don’t accidentally strip off the top layer of your skin.

Which is why a self-cleaning pool sounds like an ideal solution, albeit an unlikely one.However, it’s very much a reality, in the South African-based Bridle Road Residence by the architects at Rees Roberts & Partners.

The pool cleans itself, without the need for chemicals, using the following three-step process.

Firstly, the water is pumped up to a reflecting pool which contains a series of filters. Then it’s oxygenated by a waterfall, which also doubles as a wall for the hidden sauna. This cascades into a regeneration pool, which is filled with plants specifically chosen to purify the water. It then returns to the pool which the architects describe as “like swimming in a mountain lake”.

Built on the slopes of a densely vegetated ravine at the foot of Table Mountain the house has stunning views of Cape Town (pictured) and is built to compliment the natural surroundings with a garden strongly built around the endangered butnative shrub known as Fynbos.

So it’s ecologically sound and you don’t have to fork out for chlorine. Which will go some way to covering the multimillion price tag.

(Image: Scott Frances)