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This Doom 2 'Seinfeld' level is excellent

Yes, really

This Doom 2 'Seinfeld' level is excellent

Whether you’re trapped in the fiery bowls of hell fighting flocks of cacodemon or Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld, you’re probably going to want a shotgun, and you’re probably going to want to use it.

As is the case in this unexpected edition of Doom, which sees the title's battle-hardened space marine dropped into Jerry’s famous bachelor pad circa 1994 with the show's incessantly quip-happy characters for company.

This unofficial edition comes from programmer Doug Keener (surely a big fan of Commander Keen’s fleeting cameo in Doom 2 no doubt) – who's used .Wad software to faithfully reconstruct the entire TV apartment and merge these two nineties staples into one terrifying level. Best of all, it even manages to give the game’s immortal MIDI soundtrack a slap bass overhaul.

The 'wad' (War Allocation Daemon) is playable, you'll just need a PC copy of Doom 2 and the latest version of mod programme GZDOOM to do it.

We'd love to see a multiplayer edition. Kramer vs Kramer is begging to be made.