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First trailer for Stranger Things Season Two confirms major fan theory

Welcome back to the world of the Upside Down

First trailer for Stranger Things Season Two confirms major fan theory
06 February 2017

Welcome back to The Upside Down.

If, like us, you’ve been impatiently waiting for new footage of Stranger Things Season Two by re-watching old VHS tapes and battering your thumbs on Atari games, may we suggest casting your eyes on the excellent first trailer for the new series?

Aired during last night’s Super Bowl, Netflix’s tease starts off with a few fuzzy retro ads before we get to see our heroes once again; those famous Middle Schoolers impeccably dressed in Ghostbusters costumes – a direct nod to the fact this one takes place in 1984, a year after we last visited Hawkins - and looking on ominously, as if history is about to repeat itself.

We then see a few more clips of the new series and then we’re treated to that familiar burst of synth we know so well, as well as those super satisfying graphics. And this was a nice touch by the streaming giants.

But did you spot it? The ad for Eggo Waffle, a tasty snack favoured by the departed Eleven? A pair of eyes opening, which also appear to be those of Eleven? Yes, if this is anything to go by, Millie Bobby Brown’s character, pivotal to the success of the first season, is pretty much alive.

And here’s the kids’ reaction to the trailer:

We’ve also got a rough air date, with the new series expected to arrive, appropriately, around Halloween, when, as well as further Amblin-inspired shenanigans, we can look forward to a host of new characters, including Sean Astin as Joy’s new boyfriend, newcomer Sadie Sink as Max, the latest addition to the classroom, and Dacre Montgomery as her older brother, who’s been helpfully described as “a charismatic, Camaro-driving drinker, a classic girlfriend-stealing badboy.”

Yeah, if Hawkins was missing anything it was a clichéd alpha male douchebag. We can’t wait.

The show is expected to drop later this year. In the meantime, get our lowdown on everything we know about Season Two so far.