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13 of the scariest Twitter videos from the deadly Typhoon Mangkhut in southeast Asia

Truly frightening

13 of the scariest Twitter videos from the deadly Typhoon Mangkhut in southeast Asia
17 September 2018

One of the region’s strongest hurricanes in recent memory, Typhoon Mangkhut ripped through southeast Asia over the weekend, killing dozens.

The powerful storm, the strongest typhoon to strike Hong Kong since 1983, has left at least 69 dead in the Philippines, China and Taiwan.

Wind speeds of 180mph have shut down transport services, flights have been cancelled and major roads have been closed, according to the BBC.

In the Philippines, 33 miners were confirmed dead and at least 29 are still missing after a landslide hit a mining site.

And the typhoon is now moving inland – and is expected to hit the Chinese regions of Guizhou, Chongqing and Yunnan later in the day.

Unbelievably, in Hong Kong people were still expected to head into work despite the destruction – leading to massive gridlock on public transport networks.

These are some of the most frightening videos that have been circulating on social media during and after the storm:

(And you can donate to the relief efforts here.)

1. Brave rescuers battling through flash floods to save a stranded man

2. Scaffolding crashing down in Hong Kong

3. Windows smashed out of an apartment 

4. Waves of debris at a beach in Hong Kong

5. A high rise building swaying in the wind

6. People being thrashed around in the wind in Hong Kong

7. Waves crashing into a hotel in Hong Kong

8. Lost cargo in Shenzhen, China

9. A terrifying water surge in Hong Kong

10. A high rise crane crashing down in Hong Kong

11. Unmoored yachts just floating on by 

12. A massive tornado in Yuen Long, near Hong Kong

13. A floating table in Hong Kong

(Image: Getty)