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Sarkozy & Obama caught ripping into Netanyahu

Embarrassment all round

Sarkozy & Obama caught ripping into Netanyahu
Danielle de Wolfe
08 November 2011

Slagging off your work colleagues is never a wise move. Once the email's been sent to the wrong person or the bathroom scrawlings have been traced back, you're forced into a red-faced apology.

But last week at the G20, Nicholas Sarkozy and Barack Obama started laying into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and forgot to notice that their microphones were still on. Six journalists duly overheard.

It started with Obama telling Sarkozy that he should have told him that France would vote to admit the Palestinians into the UN body UNESCO as it's something he opposes. They then get into a discussion over Netanyahu with Sarkozy saying: 'I cannot stand him. He is a liar.' Obama is reported to have replied: 'You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!'

French officials soon discovered the mishap and told journalists not to print what they'd heard and stick to 'rules of conduct' but one of them leaked the details to French news site Arret Sur Images.

TV reports have begun, although exact audio isn't available. Yet.

You'd think they'd be more careful about this sort of thing after the whole "Yo Blair" incident...

(Image: Rex)

[via Daily Mail]