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Samsung’s new 17.3-inch tablet is ideal for giants

You can safely skip the gym if you’re carrying that around

Samsung’s new 17.3-inch tablet is ideal for giants
26 April 2019

If you’ve believe that carrying around a tablet computer should be some kind of elaborate feat of endurance then, boy, does Samsung have the device for you? The company has unveiled a 17.3-inch tablet that should boost the muscle definition in your arms, if nothing else.

If you fancy carrying around a small television set with you at all times, then maybe there’s some merit to the Galaxy View 2? I mean, there are less practical screens to lug around and it’s not like it needs to be plugged in at all times. Though if you really want a bigger screen on the go, a simpler and cheaper solution would be to hold a phone close to your eyes.

Anyway, enough cynisism – what’s makes the Galaxy View 2 tick? A disappointingly mid-range affair, sadly. You’re getting an octa-core 1.6GHz processor, 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Most disappointingly, that 17.3-inch display is just 1080p, so it has fewer pixels per inch than a flagship smartphone, despite having all that extra space to play with.

There’s one big redeeming feature: the battery is a massive 12,000mAh, making it around the size of four iPhone XR cells. But then you’d kind of hope so, because lighting up and running a 17.3-inch screen is pretty damned power intensive.

It looks like it’s USA-only for now – presumably attempting to ship them to Europe results in boats instantly capsizing – and it’s not cheap. It’ll arrive on April 26 for 20 monthly payments of $37, meaning an outlay of $740 – or around £575. If it ever arrives in the UK, expect tax to push that well over the £600 mark, mind.