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"Salt Bae" is opening a steak restaurant in London

The viral hunk is bringing his meaty skills to the Capital

"Salt Bae" is opening a steak restaurant in London
25 January 2017

Being salty never looked so good thanks to #SaltBae.

The internet sensation went viral when he showcased his seamless meat slicing skills and flamboyant sprinkling, sparking an endless chain of memes.

In case you don’t know as much about Salt Bae (as he will forever be known) as say, the average fanboy, he’s been a butcher since he was 14. He runs six Nusr-et Steakhouse locations in Turkey, and his (now very viral) Instagram account is an endless source of meaty joy.

In an interview with Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, he said:

“People see me as uncouth. I am the son of a mine worker. My father and mother do not know literacy. I cannot go to school due to financial difficulties. I started to working at a butcher as an apprentice when I was 14. Meat has become a passion for me.”

It turns out his sprinkling tekkers didn’t come from a desire to put us shakers to shame:

"I did not do that to show off. It is just my signature. You can think of it a kind of final touch for a painting. It was a final touch to the meat; I was blessing the meat."

And it turns out he’ll be bringing that blessing to London. He plans to bring his chain of grill houses to both the UK and the US and isn’t concerned about the language barrier.

He’s confident that he will be able to “communicate with people through meat” and his goal is to be the best butcher in the world. 

We’re all rooting for Salt Bae.