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Rocky road?

Man parks car on boulder

Rocky road?
Danielle de Wolfe
28 November 2011

Gone are the days when we dreamt of being a young Senna. But clearly there are still some who think they can do automobile trickery us mere mortals will never achieve.

Take driver Helmut Schmidt, who rather impressively managed to balance his sports car on the top of a boulder.

Schmidt, 25, told police in Hagenburg, Germany, that he had hadn't been speeding but that his motor suddenly span round three times before landing on top of the rock, which is a decorative entrance stone (?!) to a housing estate.

"He wasn't hurt apart from a few bruises and some battered pride," said a police spokesman. "But he couldn't free his car which was sitting there with its rear end in the air," they added.

Schmidt follows in a long line of car disasters this year, which includes the learner driver who hit the wrong pedal and the drunk driver who called police on himself.

Image: CEN