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Drunk driver calls police on himself

Dreads morning after

Drunk driver calls police on himself
Danielle de Wolfe
23 November 2011

During a particularly bad hangover, it's pretty standard to enter an ultra-reflective phase, where you take a long, hard look at yourself and get pretty repulsed by what you see. It comes right before the "I can and will eat everything I can find" phase.

But sometimes, on very special occasions, this happens while you're still under the influence.

This weekend, a 21-year-old guy in Wisconsin had an epiphany while drunkenly driving home and called 911 to report himself as a danger. He was told to pull over, which he did, and then wait to be arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

It's unclear as to whether his confession will help his case or not. We doubt he'll let himself drunk drive again though.

(Image: Rex Features)