Rock Star Mosaics


While our idea of a mosaic might date back to some Pritt Stick and coloured paper squares back in primary school, it appears from these rather impressive creations that things have changed somewhat.

The English artist Ed Chapman has been resurrecting the the lost art of the mosaic and come up with these inventive rock star portraits. While he uses ceramic for most of his work, he also utilises a number of other materials, including plectrums and sugar cubes.

As much as you might want to own one right away, you'd better start saving. The Jimi Hendrix piece, made from 5000 guitar picks, is expected to reach up to £16k in a charity auction.

To see more of Ed's work click here.

  • Rock Star Mosaics

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Rock Star Mosaics 1

    Bob Marley

  • Rock Star Mosaics 2

    John Lennon

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  • Rock Star Mosaics 3

    Kurt Cobain

  • Rock Star Mosaics 4

    David Bowie

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