Robbie Savage ruined the Leicester result for loads of fans because his poker face is crap


If you thought dodging Game of Thrones spoilers was tough going yesterday, spare a thought for fans of Leicester who waited to watch Match of The Day to find out if their team had won the league.

Turns out viewers didn't need the highlights to find out if Tottenham slipped up at Chelsea, thus handing Leicester their maiden Premier League title. During the show’s introduction by the eternally likeable Dan Walker, pundit Robbie Savage proceeded to give the game away – literally – the Welshman's megawatt grin confirming what was about to transpire.

Savage, probably the sort of man who stays up all night to watch Game of Thrones' US broadcast just so he can spoil it for you the morning, just couldn’t control himself, turning to co-pundit Danny Murphy, whose contradictory stone-cold expression was soon turned into a wry smile by the beaming Savage, as if to say 'why are we pretending, we KNOW the result'.

All he needed was a smirk. A smirk so beaming it even put his tan to shame.

The waggish reaction confirming everything. Bless Murphy for trying mind.

However, perhaps we're being a tad too harsh as if some social media comments were to be believed, Savage might just have enjoyed the bank holiday a bit too much.