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A £5 all you can eat roast potato buffet is coming, and we live there now

It's not open for long, so you'll have to hurry

A £5 all you can eat roast potato buffet is coming, and we live there now
08 December 2017

There’s a golden rule of food in the UK: if something exists, there’s probably a restaurant dedicated to it.

We’ve seen a cheese bar and bus, as well as an avocado bar, while there’s even been a Nutella restaurant opened up.

So, what’s next? Roast potatoes, obviously.

Today has seen the opening of the McCain ‘Roastaurant’ (see what they did there), which is open at London’s Old Truman Brewery all weekend.

Oh hello friends

There are two ticket options, and while they appear to be sold out at present it could be worth keeping an eye on the event page to see if more open up.

Option one, at £7.50, is a sit-down roast dinner. But that’s not where the real creative experience lies, even if it does include ‘quirky’ food combinations, pick ‘n’ mix style.

For £5, ticket-holders will be treated to a ‘gravy microbrewery’ – their words, not ours, because frankly who comes up with the concept of a gravy microbrewery, let alone thinks to call it that.

It’s not just pints of gravy a la what we all presume Sam Allardyce has for breakfast, though. Your fiver gets you unlimited trips to the ‘bar’ for servings of roast potatoes with a variety of different gravies.

Hi again

You read that right, unlimited roast potatoes with gravy. Time to find out how many you can get down your gullet in one sitting.

Is ‘just a load of roast potatoes and gravy’ a proper meal? It’s not for us to judge, but we’re still going to judge and we’re going to say yes, yes it is.

You’ll be grabbing your roasties from what McCain describe as a ‘giant six-metre squared roast potato platter’ and which definitely doesn’t just look like a massive trough. And honestly, even if it was a trough, there would be no reason to complain.

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