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A Nutella restaurant is opening, which is good, isn't it

Say goodbye to your arteries

A Nutella restaurant is opening, which is good, isn't it
17 May 2017

There is only one universal truth: Nutella is extremely tasty. It also joins the hallowed halls inhabited by the very few condiments and spreads that can be enjoyed quite happily straight out of the jar.

But it’s not just a jar-based treat – it’s great on, and in, other stuff too. Like on toast, or in a crepe, or on a waffle, or a crumpet, ice cream, a banana, your mirror – the possibilities are endless. Which is why it’s weird that it’s taken so long for someone to open a restaurant dedicated to the stuff.

Either way, the time is now, and the place is, annoyingly, Chicago. The Nutella Café will be opening at the end of May, and will offer a giant, drippy list of Nutella-infused dishes and drinks, amongst other things.

It’ll assume the guise of a coffee shop, but with a lovely side-stance in chocolate Heaven, including: fruit-and-Nutella fondue; a Liege Waffle, made from brioche and caramelized sugar, topped with pearl sugar and Nutella; flaky Nutella-stuffed croissants and an apple crostata drizzled with Nutella and fresh hazelnuts. Nutella, Nutella, NUTELLA.

You’ll also be able to nab a range of savoury foodstuffs, which include a bacon and cheese strata with leeks and a ham-and-cheese panini with a broken egg yolk inside – both of which presumably don’t contain Nutella. Although I wouldn’t care if they did – 10/10, would still eat.

Would you like to see these glorious creations in the flesh? Well, head to Chicago then, but here are some pictures if that’s a bit too much effort (it is):