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The new Resident Evil 7 trailer is here to scare the cr*p out of you

Horror fans are going to love every minute of this new spook fest

The new Resident Evil 7 trailer is here to scare the cr*p out of you
15 September 2016

Do you like being scared?

Do you like being trapped in small confined spaces with unspeakable horrors? Are you thrilled by encounters with wretched creatures? Is your happy place a narrow, dimly lit corridor with something evil lurking at the end of it?

Are you a bit messed up? Then you're going to adore Resident Evil 7

A return to the franchise's hugely successful horror roots, exchanging shotguns and action sequences for tension and running-like-hell, the latest trailer introduces the Baker family - whose domestic rural life in Dulvey, Louisiana, takes "dysfunctional" to a whole new level. 


We got to sample the thrills of Resident Evil 7 at this year's E3, plugging ourselves into the PlayStation VR experience of the game. 

The immersion of the VR headset, coupled with the slow, creeping feeling that "something" was out to get us, made it one of the most chilling 15 minutes of gaming we've ever sat through. Horror fans: this is your new favourite thing.