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These questions will reveal how your relationship compares to the rest of the UK

Do you know the rules of modern romance?

These questions will reveal how your relationship compares to the rest of the UK
11 January 2018

Let’s be honest, romance and relationships are an utter minefield. When do you admit you fancy someone? How many texts is too many? And what about the dreaded introduction to the parents? *Shiver* 

And all these questions are made even more difficult as more and more new relationships are started on dating apps – but now the good people at Mills & Boon have released the results of a new survey detailing everything you could ever want to know about the modern rules of romance.

Their Mills & Boon Rules of Romance guide was penned in response to research which found 76% of the nation would like more romance in their lives, yet at the same time, more than half (57%) admit they don’t make romantic gestures as they are worried they might come across as ‘cheesy’ or awkward.

So, answer these questions and click the flash card below each one to reveal what the rest of the UK thinks about love and romance in 2018 - and see how you compare:

Lisa Milton, Mills & Boon executive publisher, said of the findings: “With so many people either worried or confused about romance in the modern era, it is clear they need a little gentle help with affairs of the heart. 

“Hopefully the words of wisdom from the romantic fiction experts at Mills & Boon – who have been writing about love for decades - can guide us down the tricky path of true love.”

We reckon these results are pretty interesting - but it doesn’t stop the whole world of dating and relationships from being a terrifying quagmire of awkwardness. 

Happy dating! 

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